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The Second International Conference on Machine Intelligence ACIDCA-ICMI’2005 was held from 5 th to 7 th November 2005 in Tozeur, Tunisia. ACIDCA-ICMI’2005 is a multi-track international forum for discussion on recent advances on both theoretical and practical applications of computational paradigms inspired by adaptive and natural processes with special emphasis on: Computational Intelligence, Intelligent Control, Intelligent Data Analysis, Intelligent Pattern Analysis, and Intelligent Systems Architectures. ACIDCA-ICMI’2005 has consisted of three plenary lectures, 13 special sessions, 13 contributory sessions and one poster session.

ACIDCA-ICMI’2005 was held in the second part of the United Nations sponsored World Summit on the Information Society circumstances, which took place in Tunisia in November 16-18, 2005. Tunisia proposed the idea of the Summit in 1998 at the International Telecommunication Union annual meeting in Minneapolis, USA in which the digital divide between developed countries and developing countries was considered to be a major challenge for the World Community. The first part was held in Switzerland in 2003

We are pleased to announce that we have received 254 submissions: 140 submissions (55.12%) for regular contributions and 114 (44.88%) submissions for special sessions. It is our great pleasure to add that all these contributions are characterized by a high scientific quality. Each paper was reviewed by at least three members of the program committee, which consisted of more than 250 scientists from 26 countries.

Only 167 papers (65.75%) were accepted:

· For regular contributions, only 92 papers (65.71%) were accepted: 54 papers (38.57%) for oral presentations and 38 papers (27.14%) for poster presentations.

· For special sessions, only 75 papers (65.78%) were accepted.

Contributions were from 26 different countries representing four continents: Algeria, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Emirates, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lithuania, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Spain, Taiwan, Tunisia, United Kingdom, U.S.A.

We take this opportunity to express our thanks and gratitude to the honorary chairs, all chairs and members of the program committee for their dedication and the additional reviewers for their substantial reviews. Special thanks must also be offered to all those in the organizing committee for their precious input and constant determination to make this event a great success.

We hope that ACIDCA-ICMI’2005 will offer its fruits through follow-up discussions and that it will ultimately give birth to further manifestation s of similar nature.

Last but not least, we would like to extend our feelings of gratitude to all those who have contributed financially and morally to organize, implement, and take part in ACIDCA-ICMI’2005. Without their whole-hearted commitment and encouragement this event would not have been possible.

ACIDCA-ICMI'2005 Chair

Adel M. Alimi

Tozeur, November 2005

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ACIDCA-ICMI'2005 Technical Program

P: Poster
O: Oral
SPS: Special Session

Saturday, Novemb er 5th, 2005 – Room G

8 : 30 – 10 : 30: Poster Session + Opening

Track 1: Computational Intelligence

P1075 - Structure Learning of Bayesian Network from Distributed Homogeneous Databases

S. Chaabene, F. Khalfallah, K. Mellouli

P1089 - Application of Behavioral User Modeling Used in Meta-Search Engines by Information Fusion

A. H. Keyhanipoor, M. Piroozmand, B. Moshiri, C. Lucas

P1114 - Constraints satisfaction and optimization approach for the reduction of runoff risks

W. Jaziri

P1131 - Faulty Inter-Turns Short-Circuit Phase Detector By Neural Network

B. B. Monia, J. khaled, B. M. Najiba, M. Sandrine

Track 2: Intelligent Control

P2020 – Intelligent control of a mobile manipulator

B. Bouzouia, T. Redad

P2032 - Performance Control of Three-Phase Matrix Converter Fed Induction Motor Drive System

A. Djahbar , B. Mazari

P2037 - Workspace of a Laparoscopic Robot Endoscope For Hepatic Surgery -Part 1-

B. Chouchen,  J. Knani

P2057 - Design of Sliding Mode Observers of Induction Motors: A Comparative Study

R. Aloui, A. S. Tlili, E. Benhadj Braiek

P2061 - On Dynamic Non linear System Control Based on Inverse Neural Networks

A. Shatti, I. Ayari, M. Benrejeb, P. Born e

P2078 - Robust multi-objective Control applied for Three Phase Induction Motor drive (LMI approach)

L. Gargouri, H. Khechini, J. Zrida

P2082 - Control Law Reconfiguration of PWM Voltage Inverter-Induction Motor drive working under fault conditions

H. Khechini, M. Gossa

P2103 - Tracking cars and prediction of their trajectories

Y. Lemeret, E. Lefevre, D. Jolly

P2110 - Sensor Fusion Enhancement in GPS/SDINS Navigation System Using Artificial Intelligence

A. Asadian, B. Moshiri, A. K. Sedigh

P2120 - Robust control with Sliding Mode of Systems affected by Nom Bounded Uncertainty

B. Torchani, A. Sellami, R. M 'hiri

P2132 - Identification of stator fault parameters in induction machine using the Output-Error technique

I. Bazine, B. Ameur, S. Bazina, K. Jellassi, J. C. Trigeassou, T. Poinot

P2152 - New Temporal Criterion for the Optimization of PID Controllers using Genetic Algorithm

N. Tej, S. Nejim

P2158 - Control of Velocity for a Linear Induction Motor

M. A. Nasr Khoidja, M. A. Ouaz, B. Ben Salah, P. Brochet

Track 3: Intelligent Data Analysis

P3038 - Formants Estimation Techniques for Speech Analysis

D. Gargouri, M. A. Kamoun, M. A. Zerzri, A. Ben Hamida

P3047 - Parametric and Non‑parametric Statistical Analysis of Bivariate Experimental Data Aiming at Acceptance Region Definition

N. Bachschmid, P. Pennacchi

P3067 - Web Usage Mining: WWW Pages classification from log files

M. Charrad, M. Ben Ahmed, Y. Lechevallier

P3097 - Remote-Sensing Sunspot Images Fusion for Solar Magnetic Coil Trajectories Detection

F. Besharati, B. Moshiri, C. Lucas

P3098 - Remote Sensing Images Classifications Based On Decision Fusion

F. Besharati, B. Moshiri, H. Dehghan

P3126 - A Fuzzy Approach of Linear Regression Analysis

S. Charfeddine, K. Zbidi, F. Mora-Camino

P3146 - Denoising of GPR Signals Based on the Discrete Wavelet Transform

J. Baili, S. Lahouar, M. Hergli, A. Amimi and K. Besbes

P3148 - A Hybrid Feature Selection Combining Filter Technique based on Frequency Analysis with a Wrapper Technique based on Genetic Algorithms for Protein Classification

F. Mhamdi, R. Rakotomalala, W. Barhoumi

Track 4: Intelligent Pattern Analysis

P4074 - Modular statistical optimization of classification intended to content based image retrieval

A. Djouak, K. Djemal, H. Maaref

P4127 - Multiresolution features and fuzzy C-mean classification for texture segmentation

H. M. Sahbani, K. Hamrouni, N. Ellouze

P4150 - A New Approach to Human Movement Monitoring by Robust Motion Detection

Q. Li, J. You, P. Bhattacharya

P4159 - Extraction and Organization of the Useful Signal of Arabic Off Line Handwritten Tracing

A. El Baati, M. Charfi, A. M. Alimi, A. Ennaji

Track 5: Intelligent Systems Architectures

P5028 - Design of Switch Architecture According to the MSF Framework Using the VSI Interface and the CAN-IOP Protocol

M. A. Mastouri, S. Hasnaoui

P5034 - Design of Switch Architecture According to the MSF Framework Using the VSI Interface and the CAN-IOP Protocol

M. A. Mastouri, S. Hasnaoui

P5070 - Emergent Protocol for Supply Chain Formation

R. Karimi, C. Lucas, R. Daneshvar

P5119 - A framework for Managing Engineering Knowledge

O. Chourabi, M. Benahmed, Y. Pollet

P5122 - Mobile Agents in WWW Access Optimization

R. Tahboub, V. Lazaerscu

P5123 - A collaborative framework to exchange and share product information within a supply chain context

H. M. Geryville, Y. Ouzrout, A. Bouras, N. S. Sapidis

P5140 - A new approach for improving information retrieval using requirement engineering process

A. S. Belhassen, H. H. Ben Ghezala

P5161 - RoSMAS2: Road Supervision based Multi-Agent System Simulation

M. H. Kammoun, I. Kallel, M. A. Alimi

P5163 - Adaptive receivers based on FIR filter for W-CDMA systems

H. Marouane, A. Kachouri, L. Kamoun

P5166 - Model Derivation Principles for Specification and Design of Multi-Platform HCI

A. Hariri, D. Tabary, C. Kolski

11 :00 – 12 :00 : Plenary Session I

Chairs: N. Ellouze, U. Pal

Data Transformations, Margin Widths and Generalization Errors

S. Raudys

14 :00 – 16 :00 : IPA: Intelligent Pattern Analysis

Chairs: J. Dichy, S. Kanoun

SPS43 part I: Linguistic Post-Processing of OCR Output

SPS431 - Off-Line Arabic Text Recognition Based on Linguistic Concepts of Vocabulary

S . Kanoun

SPS432 - Recognition of secondary characters in handwritten Arabic using Fuzzy Logic

M . Z . Khedher, G . Al-Talib

SPS433 - Correcting Arabic OCR outputs by morphological analysis of words

T . Sari, M . Sellami

SPS434 - The crucial role of language resources (LR-s) in the assessment of Arabic NLP applications including recognition

J. Dichy

16 : 30 – 18 : 30: IPA: Intelligent Pattern Analysis

Chairs: J. Dichy, S. Kanoun

SPS43 part I I: Linguistic Post-Processing of OCR Output

SPS435 - Morpho-Probabilistic Approach Towards Arabic Non-Words Detection & Correction

B . Haddad, M . Yaseen, M . Hattab

SPS436 - From lexical database to tagged Arabic corpus

V . M . Mark

SPS437 - Linguistic resources and analysis for unvowelled Arabic text processing in information retrieval

N . Semmar, F . Elkateb-Gara, C . Fluhr

SPS438 - Proposals for a normalized representation of Standard Arabic full form lexica

S . Salmon-Alt, A . Akrout, L . Romary

Saturday, November 5th , 2005 – Room 1

14 :00 – 16 :00 : CI: Computational Intelligence

Chairs: E. A. Molina, H. Nagashino

O1018 - FARSJUM, a fuzzy system for ranking sparse judgment matrices

M. R. Gholamian, S. M. T. Fatemi Ghomi, M. Ghazanfari

O1021 - A Locally Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Network for wind Speed Prediction using spatial correlation

T. G. Barbounis, J. B. Theocharis

O1036 - Neural Structures for Quantum Information Processing

G . Rigatos, S . Tzafestas

O1043 - An approach based on Reinforcement Learning and Self-Organizing Maps to design a marketing campaign

G . Gomez-Perez, J . D. Martin-Guerrero, E . Soria-Olivas, E . Balaguer-Ballester, A . Palomares, N . Casariego, D . Paglialunga

16 : 30 – 18 : 30: CI: Computational Intelligence

Chairs: R. A. Fernandez, S. R. Luciano

O1025 - Auction Based Task Allocation Using Genetic Algorithm in Agent-Based Manufacturing

S . Khodayari, C . Lucas

O1060 - Objective oriented approach evaluating multi–agents platforms

T . Ben Mena, N . B . Ben Saoud, M . Ben a hmed

O1077 - On obtaining OWA operator weights in the context of social choice

B . Llamazares

O1087 - Dempster Shafer based Fusion of protein Secondary Structure classifiers

M . Kazemian, B . Moshiri, H . Nikbakht, C . Lucas

Saturday, November 5th , 2005 – Room 2

14 :00 – 16 :00 : IC: Intelligent Control

Chairs: M. Abid, O. Hornung

O2073 - Teleoperations of a Mobile Outdoor Robot with Adjustable Autonomy

M. Frank, S. Busch, P. Dietz, K. Schilling

O2130 - Development of a New Angular Sensor Using Linear Polarizer

K . Atsuumi, M . Sano, K . Tachibana

O2142 - Avoidance of obstacles by fuzzy logic of a robot having a panoramic vision

M . Franceschi , M . Ben Khelifa , I . Randria

O2162 - Model-Based Control of Robotic Systems

H . Abdellatif, H . Blume, B . Heimann, O . Hornung

16 : 30 – 18 : 30: CI: Computational Intelligence

Chairs: J. Casillas

SPS11: Computational Intelligence and Robotics

SPS111 - Trained FLS and Reduced GLVD for Motion Planning in Dynamic Unknown Environment

N . Baklouti, I . Kallel, A . M. Alimi

SPS112 - Learning Fuzzy Robot Controllers to Follow a Mobile Object

M . Mucientes, J . Casillas

SPS113- A fuzzy system for visual detection of interest in human-robot interaction

R. Munoz-Salinas, E. Aguirre, M. Garcıa-Silvente, A. Gonzalez

SPS114 - Learning Hierarchical Fuzzy Rule-based Systems for a Mobile Robot Controller

A . Waldock, B . Carse, C . Melhuish

Saturday, November 5th , 2005 – Room 3

14 :00 – 16 :00 : I DA: Intelligent Data Analysis

Chairs: H. Frigui, U. Pal

O3049 - Noise Adaptive Vector Rational Hybrid Filters

L . Khriji, F . Touati

O3052 - Mammographic Image Restoration Using Anisotropic Regularization

F . Benzarti, K . Hamrouni, H . Amiri

O3121 - An Active Contour Model Based on Splines and Separating Forces to Detect the Left Ventricle in Scintigraphic Images

N . Hraiech, D . Weinland, K . Hamrouni

O3137 - Segmented Genetical Recoding Of Images: Generation Of Image-Reports In Economic Geographic Environment

C. Caño Alegre, E. López González, C. Mendaña Cuervo

16 : 30 – 18 : 30: IDA: Intelligent Data Analysis

Chairs: M. Antonini, C. Ben Amar

SPS31: 3D Meshes and Applications

SPS311 - Digital Watermarking of Compressed 3D Meshes

F. Denis, G. Lavoué, F. Dupont, A. Baskurt

SPS312 - Adaptive Polygonal Mesh Simplification With Discrete Centroidal Voronoi Diagrams

S. Valette, I. Kompatsiaris, J. M. Chassery

SPS313 - Face recognition by ICP-based shape matching

B . Ben Amor, K . Ouji, M . Ardabilian, L . Chen

SPS314 - Wavelet-based Compression of 3D Mesh Sequences

F . Payan, M . Antonini

SPS315 - SIMULATEURDX: Control simulator of multi - resolution and VRML objects navigating in 3D space

C . Ben Amar, W . Boujarra

Saturday, November 5th , 2005 – Room 4

14 :00 – 16 :00 : IPA: Intelligent Pattern Analysis

Chairs: J. Dichy, S. Raudys

O4093 - Reconstructing With Geometric Moments

F. Ghorbel, S. Derrode, S. Dhahbi, R. Mezhoud

O4116 - Using a Hybrid Adaboost Algorithm to Integrate Binding Site Predictions

Y . Sun, M . Robinson, R . Adams, P . Kaye, A . G. Rust , N . Davey

O4157 - Principal Component Analysis of Gender, Ethnicity, Age, and Identity of Face Images

S . Buchala, N . Davey, T . M. Gale, R . J. Frank

16 : 30 – 18 : 30: IPA: Intelligent Pattern Analysis

Chairs: N. Ellouze, J. M. Ogier

O4041 - Analysing a web portal usage by using the Growing Grid algorithm

A . Soriano-Asensi, J . D. Martín-Guerrero, E . Soria-Olivas, A . Palomares, E . Balaguer-Ballester

O4069 - Detection of vascular tree in retinal images using mathematical morphology

H . Jlassi, K . Hamrouni, N . Ellouse

O4083 - Analysis of Human Handwriting Dynamics Using the Recursive Least Squares Algorithm

F . Bouslama, M . Khasawneh, A . Al-Rawi, M . Haddad, A . Lansari

O4141 - Recognition of Handwritten Bangla Characters

K. Roy, U. Pal, F. Kimura

Sunday, November 6th , 2005 – Room G

8 : 30 – 10 : 30: IPA: Intelligent Pattern Analysis

Chairs: J. Dichy, S. Kanoun

SPS43 part II I: Linguistic Post-Processing of OCR Output

SPS439 - Knowledge management and interlingua equivalence in the indexing process

M . El Hachani, M . Hassoun

SPS4310 - Morphological Analysis and Diacritical Arabic Text Compression

A . M Daoud

SPS4311 - Morpho-lexical ambiguities in the recognition of written Arabic word-forms, evidence from the DIINAR.1 lexical resource

R . Abbès, J . Dichy, M . Hassoun

SPS4312 – Building SMS-based System using Information Extraction Technology

D . M . Daoud

11 :00 – 12 :00 : Plenary Session II

Chairs: M. Benrejeb, F. Karray

Control Lessons Learned during the Cassini / Huygens – Mission to  Explore the Saturnian Moon Titan

K. Schilling

14:00 – 16:00: ISA: I ntelligent Systems Architectures

Chairs: C. Lucas, K. Schilling

O5023 - Adaptive Agent Based Model to Simulate a Necessity of Many Religions, Economies or Political Systems

S . Raudys, A . Pumputis

O5030 - AMPLIA Learning Environment Architecture

C . Flores, L . Seixas, J . Gluz, R . Vicari, D . Patrício, F . Giacomel, L . Gonçalves

O5064 - Cooperation and cognitive evaluation of artificial agents for supervision

G. D. D'Ayot, L. Trave-Massuyes, J. Aguilar-Martin

O5086 - Toward a model of an improved economy of agents

M . Ashoori, M . N . Ahmadabadi, B . Moshiri

O5128 - E-transaction optimization based on mobile agents, users preferences and possibilistic theory

B . Gallas, M . Zaghdoud, M . Ben Ahmed

16 : 30 – 18 : 30: ISA: Intelligent Systems Architectures

Chairs: A. Benabdellatif, S. Raudys

O5053 - High-performance 0.35-µm SiGe LNAs For high data Transfer Between Physical Agents in Multiagent Systems For Search and Rescue

F . Touati, L . Khriji

O5071 - New Approach for Complementary Input Challenge in Supply Chain Formation

R . Karimi , C . Lucas

O5079 - Retrievable Units Extraction of XML Documents by Element Hierarchical Clustering

H . M . Lee, J . J . Yan, T . A . Wang, C . H . Mao

O5092 - Machine-Learning applied to Queries and Documents for an Adaptive and Evolutive Information Retrieval

H . Kammoun, J . C . Lamirel, M . Ben Ahmed

O5134 - Planning and explaning solutions for physics learning

A . El Hore , S . Tazi

Sunday, November 6th , 2005 – Room 1

8 : 30 – 10 : 30: CI: Computational Intelligence

Chairs: J. Casillas, M. J. del Jesus

O1048 - Modelling, Simulation and Identification of Rotor Systems Affected by Faults

N . Bachschmid, P . Pennacchi, A . Vania, E . Tanzi

O1104 - Robust Fault Identification in Mechanical Systems Using M-estimators

N . Bachschmid, P . Pennacchi, A . Vania

O1109 - GIS-based eco-optimization approach for the management of forest ecosystems

W . Jaziri

O1129 - Meta-heuristic to mathematical programming problems with uncertainties

R. C. Silva, L. A. P. Cantão, A. Yamakami

O1145 - A Pspice Macromodules for S-Parameters Extraction of a Two-Port Network Comparison with ADS Software

M . A . Skima, M . Kouraichi, H . Ghariani, M . Samet

14 :00 – 16 :00 : CI: Computational Intelligence

Chairs: P. G. Espejo, F. Karray

O1039 - A Multiple Temporal Pattern Generator by Recurrent Neural Networks

M . Akutagawa, H . Nagashino, F . Takahashi, Y . Kinouchi

O1135 - Integration of Voronoï Diagram in Multiple runways Aircraft Landing Problem

M . Baccouche, J . Boukachour, A . BenAbdelhafidh, A . M. Alimi

O1144 - Hybrid Possibilistic Networks vs Standard Possibilistic Frameworks

S. Benferhat, S. Smaoui

16 : 30 – 18 : 30: CI: Computational Intelligence

Chairs: M. J. del Jesus

SPS12: Genetic Learning

SPS121 - Genetic Lateral and Amplitude Tuning of Membership Functions for Fuzzy Systems

R . Alcalá, J . Alcalá-Fdez, M . José Gacto, F . Herrera

SPS122 - Induction of Classification Rules with Grammar-Based Genetic Programming

P . G. Espejo, C . Romero, S . Ventura, C . Hervás

SPS123 - A fuzzy definition of Mutual Information with application to the design of Genetic Fuzzy Classifiers

L . Sánchez, M. Rosario Suárez, I . Couso

SPS124 - Multiobjective evolutionary induction of subgroup discovery rules in a market problem

F . Berlanga, M . J . del Jesus, P . González, F . Herrera

Sunday, November 6th , 2005 – Room 2

8 : 30 – 10 : 30: IC: Intelligent Control

Chairs: M. Benrejeb, H. Blume

O2029 - Positive minimal realizations for discrete-time systems with one delay in state and one delay in control

T . Kaczorek

O2055 - Decentralized Observer Based Control for Interconnected Multimachine Power Systems

A . S . Tlili, S . Dhbaibi, S . Elloumi, N . BenHadj Braiek

O2063 - Exact Approaches to Minimize the Total Completion Times on a Single Machine with Availability Constraints

I . Kacem, C . Sadfi, A . El-Kamel

O2154 - Detection of Slippery Road-Tire Conditions

A . Trabelsi, B . Heimann, N . Kendziorra, H . J . Harting

O2168 - Simulation of the fuzzy regulation of a bioreactor of denitrification

N . H . BelHedi, M . Kherallah, A . Ayadi, H . Abdennaceur

14 :00 – 16 :00 : IC: Intelligent Control

Chairs: M. Abid, N. Derbel

O2051 - Self-Reinforcement Learning: A neurobiologically motivated Model

F . Emmert-Streib

O2059 - Weighted sum method and Ellipsoid algorithm for Constrained Nonlinear Multiobjective Predictive Control

K. Laabidi, F. Bouani, M. Ksouri

O2153 - A Sequential Control Approach for Visual Servoing using Uncalibrated System Components

O . Hornung, B . Heimann

16h30 – 18h30: Applications

Chairs: N. Benamara, N. Derbel

SPS61 Part I : Machine Intelligence Applications

SPS612 - Evaluation of Subtractive Clustering’s Radius Parameter on Phoneme Classification

S. Zenaidi, D. Ben Ayed, N. Ellouze

SPS615 - PID Control Design of A Blower System using the pole compensation technique

H . Ben Jmaa Derbel

SPS617 - On the Fuzzy Identification and Optimal Control of a Complex System

R . Jallouli-Khlif, C . Rekik, N . Derbel

SPS619 - Two approaches for Multifont Arabic Characters Recognition

N . Ben Amor, N . Essoukri Ben Amara

Sunday, November 6th , 2005 – Room 3

8 : 30 – 10 : 30: IDA: Intelligent Data Analysis

Chairs: M. M. Aboul-Ela, M. Charfi

SPS32: Arabic Document Image Analysis: Application in Historical Document

SPS321 - The Effect of Blind Relevance Feedback on a New Arabic OCR Degraded Text Collection

K . Darwish

SPS322 - On-line Signature Verification Based On Support Vector Machine

R . A . Wahab, A . Khamis, P . Elbaz

SPS323 – Information extraction lexicon for resolving ambiguity in Arabic character recognition

M . Gheith, M . M. Aboul-Ela, W . Arafa

SPS324 - Contribution to the discrimination of the medieval manuscript texts

I . Moalla, F . LeBourgeois, H . Emptoz, A . M. Alimi

SPS325 - Optical Font Recognition Based on Global Texture Analysis

N. Zaghden, M. Charfi, A. M. Alimi

SPS326 - A System for Indexing and Retrieving Historical Arabic Documents Based on Fourier Descriptors

W . Maghrebi,  M. A . Khabou, A . M. Alimi

14 :00 – 16 :00 : IDA: Intelligent Data Analysis

Chairs: H. Frigui, N. Boujemaa

SPS33: Content-Based Multimedia Information Retrieval

SPS331 - Categorization and Visualization of Large Image Databases

H . Frigui

SPS332 - Learning Representative Objects from Images Using Quadratic Optimization

X. Lu, J. Li, J. Z. Wang

SPS333 - Coherence criterion for region labelling and description

H . Houissa, N . Boujemaa

SPS334 - Visual similarity search in botanical collections

I . Yahiaoui, N . Boujemaa, N . Hervé

16h30 – 18h30: IDA: Intelligent Data Analysis

Chairs: M. Kamel, F. Karray

SPS34: Intelligent Data Retrieval, Learning Objects and Speech Understanding

SPS341 - Measures of Fuzzy Event for Determination of Semantic Meaning

Y . Sun, F . Karray, S . H. Shehata, O . Basir, M . Kamel

SPS342 - A Fuzzy Classifier for Natural Language Text using Automatically-Learned Fuzzy Rules

R . Khoury, F . Karray, M . Kamel

SPS343 - The Optimization of A Heterogeneous Hybrid Multi-Agent System

H . Li, F . Karray, O . Basir, I . Song

SPS344 - The Effect of Verb Arguments Structure on Document Classification

S . H. Shehata, J . Bakus, F . Karray, M . S. Kamel

SPS345 - A Multi-Agent Design for Pattern Recognition Systems based on Multi-classifiers Context

T . M. Hamdani, A . M. Alimi

Sunday, November 6th , 2005 – Room 4

8 : 30 – 10 : 30: IPA: Intelligent Pattern Analysis

Chairs: M. Khabou, S. Raudys

O4066 - Linear and nonlinear regressions using PLS feature selection and NN on a defect diagnosis application

A . Debiolles, L . Oukhellou, P . Aknin, T . Denoeux, E . Come

O4088 - An Ultrasonic Navigation Aid for the Blind

M . Bousbia-Salah, M . Fezari

O4136 - Data Compressing Algorithm for Ultrasonic signals

M . Hergli, F . Bouslama, K . Besbes

O4139 - Computer Aided Diagnosis System for Early Detection of Lung Cancer Using Chest Computer Tomography Images

R . Sammouda, J . Abu Hassan, M . Sammouda, A . Al-Zuhairy, H . abou ElAbbas

14 :00 – 16 :00 : IPA: Intelligent Pattern Analysis

Chairs: N. Ellouze, K. Ouni

SPS42 part I : Intelligent Speech Processing

SPS421 – Improving discriminative capabilities in HMM applied in isolated words recognition

Z . Ben Messaoud, M . Frikha, A . Ben Hamida

SPS422 - Voiced - Unvoiced based Speech Denoising System

Z . Lachiri, N . Ellouze

SPS423 – Study and analysis of speech signal for cochlear prostheses

F . Kallel, M . Frikha, A . Ben Hamida

SPS424 - Filterbank Gammachirp Modeling For Isolated Word Recognition

Z . Hajaiej, K . Ouni, N . Ellouze

SPS425 – Effect of white noise on LPC based formants estimation algorithms

M . A . Zerzri, D . Gargouri, A . ben Hamida

16 : 30 – 18 : 30: IPA: Intelligent Pattern Analysis

Chairs: N. Ellouze, K. Ouni

SPS42 part II : Intelligent Speech Processing

SPS426 - Phoneme classification by Self-Organizing Map new variant integrating a locally adapting neighborhood radii, a conscious term and its own learning rate

K. Essafi, N. Arous, N. Ellouze

SPS427 - A Study of the Effects of Acoustic Front Ends and Gaussian Mixtures on an Isolated Speech Recognition System based on HMM

S . Ben Massaoud, M . Frikha, M . Lahyani, A . Ben Hamida

SPS428 – Isolated word recognition using neural networks

S . Masmoudi, M . Frikha, A . Ben Hamida

SPS429 - Isolated word recognition using Neural Networks and Hidden Markov Models 'HMM'

A . Boubaker, M . Frikha, A . Ben Hamida

Monday, November 7th , 2005 – Room G

8 : 30 – 10 : 30: IPA: Intelligent Pattern Analysis

Chairs: V. Märgner, H. El Abed

SPS44: Recognition of Arabic printed or handwritten words

Plenary talk: Arabic Handwriting Recognition

V. Märgner

SPS441 - Automatic Recognition System For Egyptian License Plate

M. El - Adawy, H. Keshk, M. Haragi

SPS443 - On-Line Handwriting Recognition System Based on Graph Matching and Genetic Algorithm

N. Rokbani, M. Kherallah, A . M. Alimi

SPS444 - Extraction of handwritten areas from colored image of bank checks by an hybrid method

S . Haboubi, S . S . Maddouri

11 :00 – 12 :00 : Plenary Session III

Chairs: B. Boufama, V. Margner

Intelligent Information Retrieval and organization

F. Karray and M. Kamel

12 :00 – 12 : 30: Closing

Monday, November 7th , 2005 – Room 1

8 : 30 – 10 : 30: Applications

Chairs: N. Benamara, N. Derbel

SPS61 Part I I : Machine Intelligence Applications

SPS611 - From Task Model to the User Interface Generation: an Approach Based on Multi‑Agent Systems

A . Mahfoudhi, J . Slimi, M . Abed, C . Kolski, M . Abid

SPS613 - Image segmentation based on games theory approach Application to melanoma pattern extraction

A . Kallel, I . Khanfir

SPS614 - Stable and robust feedback linearization adaptive fuzzy control of SISO nonlinear systems using Takagi Sugeno fuzzy models

D. Ben Halima, M. Chtourou

SPS616 - Path following for underactuated marine craft using Line Of Sight algorithm

J. Ghommem, F. Mnif, N . Derbel

SPS618 - Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines Classifiers for Writer Identification using arabic script

S. Gazzah, N. Benamara

Monday, November 7th , 2005 – Room 2

8 : 30 – 10 : 30: IC: Intelligent Control

Chairs: M. Benrejeb

SPS21: Advances in Intelligent Control

SPS211 - Toward the optimization of the supply chain management

A. Samet, A. Choura, A. Benabdelhafidh, M. A. Alimi

SPS212 - On an internal model controller based on the use of a specific inverse model

M. BenRejeb, M. Naceur, D. Soudani

SPS213 - Stability Analysis and Controller Synthesis of a Switched Discrete System with Time-Varying Uncertainty

I . Song , S . Kim , F . Karray

SPS214 - ANN Design and System Modelling

A. Sifaoui, S. Alouane, J. Haggège, M. Benrejeb

SPS215 - On the modelling of soft drinks refrigeration system

J. Jabloun, H. Maaoui, D. Soudani, M. BenRejeb

Monday, November 7th , 2005 – Room 3

8 : 30 – 10 : 30: IDA: Intelligent Data Analysis

Chairs: B. Boufama

SPS35 : Intelligent Machine Vision Applications

SPS351 - Combining an Artificial Immune System with a Clustering Method for Effective Pattern Recognition

S. Meshoul, A. Deneche, M. Batouche

SPS352 - Human model and pose Reconstruction from Multi-views

M . Brice, G . Erwan, B . Saïda

SPS353 - Virtual arm for the phantom pain therapy

L. Eynard, A. Meyer, S. Bouakaz

SPS354 - A Vision-Based System for Fish Monitoring

B. Shen, B. Boufama

SPS355 - A Compact and Complete AFMT Invariant with Application to Face Recognition

H . Yu, M. Bennamoun

Monday, November 7th , 2005 – Room 4

8 : 30 – 10 : 30: IPA: Intelligent Pattern Analysis

Chairs: J. M. Ogier, S. Kanoun

SPS41: Graphic Recognition and Indexing

SPS411 - A New Technique for Ancient Document Indexing

U . Surapong, J . M . Ogier, P . Franco, R . Mullot

SPS412 - Towards Graphical Document Indexing: Application to graphical ancient documents

S . Uttama, J . M . Ogier, P . Loonis

SPS413 - Retrieval of Free-hand Sketches using Invariant Spatio-Sequential Descriptor: Overlapping Matrix

N. Zakaria, J. M. Ogier, J. Llados

SPS414 - Concept Lattices: a Tool for Supervised Classification?

S. Guillas, K. Bertet, J. M. Ogier

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